Here we go again (In Chuck D’s voice)

Below is the Chorus from the 1992 song by Portrait – Here we go again. 

Here we go
Going through the same thing
(Here we go again)
Here we go
Don’t wanna play the same game
(No, not again, I don’t wanna go through it)

It has been brought to my attention that there are those that believe that re-forming of the Republick (as spelled in Johnson’s Dictionary of 1755), cannot be done at the county level.  Wrong!  It can actually be done at the smaller unit of the body politic, the townships.  The counties must come together to create the state government.  The states come together to form the national entity.  If the effort is to repopulate either at the state or the national level first, those efforts have failed!  Period.  Time & time again.  I have witnessed it over the last decade, multiple times.  Let me state that again a different way.  ANY time, the effort has been to repopulate and create a state assembly, first, there remains a “top-down” authoritative structure in place that ultimately conflicts with the counties and causes division.  It is not harmonious.  It is not an organic, grassroots, ground-up organization.  It is a top-down authoritarian organization with centralized authority.  Meaning that there is usually a “guru” leading or perhaps, a “guru” & their “team” of researchers, or worse yet, a “guru” that has a top-secret committee or one that is “in contact with high ranking military” officials.  Really?!?  

 Here we go again.  I do not want to play the same game.  I AM not going to play the same game.  I do not want to go through it and so I will not go through it.

I will continue to build, from the bottom up, and create the conditions that I choose to exist in.  You can too!  Build YOUR Constitutional Townships.  Create YOUR county assemblies and if you are here on Michigan, help us to grow our county assemblies and state assembly.  Let us do it the right way this time!

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.  To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.  — R Buckminster Fuller

Click HERE to view and listen to the model that we have adopted for our growth.

Lewis of Michigan

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