“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”


Choose to make a better way

Here begins the process of our decolonization from the corporate state. We look to deconstruct the illegitimate legal doctrines that have become oppressive and detrimental to the rights of the people, our communities, and the environments on which we live. Our intent is to “insulate” ourselves from harm by forming and governing our own Constitutionally protected Common Law Townships.  This “insulation “comprises several layers of protection, beginning with each man or woman correcting their status as a “U.S. person” and extending to Family, Households, Townships, Town Constables & Justices of the Peace, Sheriffs (in their de jure capacity). We believe that All Governmental Decision-Making Executive Legislative & Judicial Action should be ‘De-Centralized‘ to the ‘Maximum Extent Possible‘ amongst the Smaller & more Localized ‘Self-Governing Communities’ of the American People, with complete transparency.

Examine the Details

This website a tool that we are using to Organizing a new & more Natural/Organic, Judicially Empowered, & Grass-roots “Accountable” Model, of ‘Responsibly Self-Governing County Government’, for the People of Wayne County, Michigan. 

This Model of Government is firmly rooted in our American Constitutional Tradition of “Common-Law”;  all as derived from the more ancient & un-adulterated Traditions of England & Northern Europe.  These traditions have been clearly recognized by William Blackstone, & others, as ultimately being derived from the Biblical “Torah-Law”, as specifically described in Exodus 18;  all where-under is Mandated that the more Local Communities be “Politically Sub-Divided” in-to Consensus-Based & Organic Elector/Constituent-Represented “Communities of Tens”.

In our efforts to design & implement this Superior Model of Government for the common People of Wayne County, the Population of our County here will need to be ‘Politically Sub-Divided’, in “Proportionally Balanced” manners, in-to Ten “Common-Law Precincts”. Each of these new Common-Law Precincts is intended to become it’s own “Responsibly Self-Governing Community”, with it’s entire Organic Body-Politic being Organized similarly as a Constitutionally-recognizable ‘Jural Society’ Community. For general & historical information on Common Law go to our Foundation Education page.

Then Take Action. Join Us Now!

If you are in agreement & are of like mind, start a New & Better Path by forming Constitutional Common Law Townships, of Ten Households, in your community. For those on Wayne county, the customized Qualified Elector document, which has been customized & adopted by the members of the Wayne County Assembly, can be downloaded HERE. For those that are outside of Wayne county, but are on a county of Michigan, click HERE for the PDF version or click HERE for an editable .rtf version of the original document used & customize as the People of your county see fit. Click HERE for the next steps after downloading the Qualified Elector document.