Join us in Three Easy Steps!

Here is a quick overview:

1) Download & complete with Witness Testimony:

– The preferred method is to join in 3’s.  For this, you will need to have two Common Law witnesses that have direct knowledge of you, preferably for several years. This is to verify your identity.

– Each Common Law witness will need to complete their own Qualified Elector document; therefore, you will need to 3 documents total.  This way, you would each be serving as a witness to the other.

– IF no Common Law witnesses are available, the Qualified Elector document MUST be autographed in front of a Public Notary. Please download & edit the Notarized Identity Verification document .doc version, .rtf version. Simply replace the Red John Lee Doe portion with your name/given appellation, change the text color to Black, & print the document to include with the Qualified Elector document at your appointment with the Notary.  The prospective Qualified Elector will have to be able to verify identity for this step with a valid form of picture identification.  This is done to limit fraud and/or infiltration of agents, distractors & provocateurs. 


2) Digitize your document by scanning it:

– As there are no other necessary documents or forms necessary to join us, you simply need to prepare your document to be emailed by digitalizing it. For those with a scanner (all multi-function printers have one built-in, ex. “3-in-1” printer) this is quite simple, and you are undoubtedly aware of how to complete this task. For those without a scanner, your smartphone, whether iPhone or Android, with the addition of a free application, can take a picture of a document & convert it into a PDF for emailing. Simply search for “free scanner” in your Google Play of iPhone store. For those without a Smart Phone or Printer/Scanner, your local library, community college, or FedEx/Kinko’s (or similar business) should have a printer that now also has scan to email capabilities.

3) Email your document to us:

– Email us at and attach your document.

– Within 24-48 hours you should receive your welcome email. Read it thoroughly and I look forward to talking with you soon on our weekly calls!