How to Start a Constitutional Common-Law Township

An abbreviated Summary, by Charles Stewart; Version 3.0. Reprinted with permission.

Generally, a Constitutionally-Lawful “Township” is a Fully Sovereign & Independent Community, which is based on the ancient Constitutional, Common-Law, & Biblical concepts of the “Social-Compact”, the “Covenant”, & the “Confederation”. Any individual has the Constitutionally-Lawful Authority to start his/her own “Township”. All that is needed, is to locate other like-minded individuals, & to have a clear concept of what are the basic requirements of “The Law”. Click HERE to continue reading this post.

Common law

“Law arising from tradition and judicial decisions rather than statutes passed by the legislature.

“A case in which the issues are determined by common law legal principles established by courts and tradition, as opposed to statutes.”

Common law action

” In Michigan, common law is in effect except where it has been modified or repealed by statute.” Emphasis mine.

SOURCE: A Journalist’s Guide to Covering Michigan State Courts pg 50
Michigan Supreme Court
Office of Public Information

2014 edition