How to Start a Constitutional Common-Law Township

An abbreviated Summary, by Charles Stewart; Version 3.0. Reprinted with permission.

Generally, a Constitutionally-Lawful “Township” is a Fully Sovereign & Independent Community, which is based on the ancient Constitutional, Common-Law, & Biblical concepts of the “Social-Compact”, the “Covenant”, & the “Confederation”. Any individual has the Constitutionally-Lawful Authority to start his/her own “Township”. All that is needed, is to locate other like-minded individuals, & to have a clear concept of what are the basic requirements of “The Law”. Prof of this is available through the web-links at the end of this document. Because this information has been pieced together from the very few ancient texts which have survived the book-burnings of the Romanists, there may be some errors in the text here; but they should be few, and of minor significance.

1: First, it is important to clearly comprehend that each common-law jurisdiction is about “Consensus-based Self-Governing”(as opposed to the “Majority-Rule” governing model). Because each common-law governmental jurisdiction is composed of only twelve, ten, or less political sub-divisions, it is fairly easy to achieve this “Consensus”. Here-under; the only governmental jurisdiction smaller than the Township, is the individual “Households”. Further; each Household’s members are required to come to an Agreement/Consensus about what are the Rules/Laws for their household/homestead, & also about Who will be their “Head of Household” Spokes-Person. This is true under Natural-Law, Common-Law, & Christian-Law, because: “Every kingdom divided against itself is destroyed, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.” (Matthew 12:25, & Mark 3:25)

Each “Head of the Household” needs to be the Representative of All of the Individual’s Voices in his/her Household. The critical importance of this Consensus-building process, & the Election of Representatives/Spokes-Persons, starting at this smallest “Household” level, becomes much more clear, as the reader moves up to examine the higher levels of common-law/Christian government. Here-under; once an individual has a Consensus formed around Who will be his/her “Head of Household”, then the next step is for that Household-Head is to Become Certified as a “Qualified Elector” in his/her Precinct & Township. This is done quite simply by finding two other “Heads of Household”, so that all three of these Household-Heads can Simultaneously Certify Each-Other as being a “Qualified Elector”. This is all based on the Biblical & Common-Law by Authority of the “Two Witnesses”, each of which has the lawful authority to “Certify” that the Third Individual is a “Qualified Elector”. It is important to note here that these few “Qualified-Electors” do Not Need any “Permission” or “License” form any Out-Side Authority in order to Certify the Legitimate Status of any of them as “Qualified Electors” in Their Township & Precinct.

The ancient texts do not seem to indicate any degree of numerical flexibility, & so a full “Ten Qualified-Electors” are best for establishing a legitimate “Township” jurisdiction. (See Exodus 18: 17–26, & Deuteronomy 1:9 – 17; & Black’s Law Dictionary, Decantus, Decanus, Hundred, Tithing, Tithing-Man, & Township.) If a Township has less than Ten Members, then this author suggests that the Township’s Constable refrain from making Arrests; & for the Township’s members to restrain their activities to purely defensive & self-sufficiency activities.

2: A legitimate Township is usually thought of as being “Local”, to a specific geographical area. However; Township jurisdictions can also be “Special”, which can also be considered as “Private”, or “Corporate”; like “Trusts”; & they can be organized for for a specific Religious Community, or for Fraternal Organizations, or for Political Activists, or Court Justice Activists, Computer Users, Alternative-Currency Users, or any of a large
number of other “Special Interests”. These Special/Private Township Communities have a lot of potential; & some may find that working with these sorts of communities are more productive than organizing locally.

3: After “Consensus” has been achieved among All Qualified-Electors in the Township’s community that their “Township” has been “Lawfully Established”, then their most important following step is to Elect Their Own Leader & Representative, who is also know as their Township’s “Constable”, aka: “Peace-Officer”. Again; as with the Households, the Election of this Township’s Leader/Head needs to be based on this Repeating Concept of
“Consensus”. Here-under; Every Qualified-Elector has a “Veto Power” & “Immediate-Recall Power” over Who will be their “Town Constable”. As at the Household level; any Qualified-Elector who Un-Reasonably “Vetos” the Election of a Responsible “Township Leader” to the position of “Town Constable”, to the point where “No Consensus” can be Achieved in the Township Community, then that Dissenting-Individual’s Status as a “Qualified
Elector” may be brought into question, & re-examined by the remaining Qualified-Electors in that Township. Because this is a very small community of only about Ten Members, this “Consensus-based Process” should be easy to follow. If, up-on formal motion, said dissenting Head-of-Household is found to be an “Un-Reasonable Individual”; then, by unanimous-agreement from the remaining Township-Members, his/her Status as a “Qualified Elector” in that Township community may Lawfully be “Revoked”. Remember: “A House Divided Can Not Stand”. This is the only path-way which applicable “Law” allows. Applicable Law allows for different Constituents in each smaller jurisdiction to be recognized in the next larger-jurisdiction as the smaller-jurisdiction’s Leader; all so that their entire sub-jurisdiction does not become ostracized form their larger community.

Through the “Consensus” of the Qualified-Electors, the Township’s Constable/Peace-Officer should have “Deputy Constables” clearly designated/chosen, so that in the case that the Township’s main Constable becomes incapacitated, that the first “Deputy Constable” can quickly & efficiently step into the position of spokes-person &
Representative for their Township. By this process; hostile forces will know that the Townships will not become incapable of defending themselves; & such “Deputy Constables” should regularly attend the higher “Precinct level” community Meetings, so that they can quickly & efficiently step into that position.

4: Once any Township’s “Body-Politic” is formed in this Lawful manner, then Regular “Meetings” should be Scheduled, at least monthly, & preferably weakly. Also; each Township’s leader has a Duty to establish & maintain contact with other Township groups, which can help build their important larger “Precinct” & “Hundred-Court” jurisdictional-community; & on upwards to the County & larger common-law/Christian communities. Each Town-Constable is to be the Main Spokes-Person & Singular Voting-Member in each larger Precinct/Hundred-Court jurisdiction. While all Township members should be encouraged to attend the larger jurisdictional Precinct-level meetings, the importance of having a “Single Voice/Vote” from your Township’s community jurisdiction will become clearly self-evident, as the business of the Precinct-level community begins to be processed in this quick & efficient & consensus-based manner. If Township-Members do not like the way that their Town-Constable is Voting to Represent Their Interests in the Precinct-level meeting, then They Can Immediately “Recall” him, & “Replace” him with another Town-Constable, at any time; & all previous agreements at the Precinct-level can be Rescinded at any time & for any reason; just so ling as this general organic-accountability process is scrupulously followed. Please note that it is through the profound logic of this very organic-accountability process of “Immediate Recall” of any policy or leader, which will empower the spokes-person/representative of each level of each
jurisdiction to drive into silence each & every critic of the manner in which their community is “Self-Governing”.

Making contact with these other Township, Precinct, & larger common-law communities, is of significant importance to establishing & maintaining the Security of each Township community’s members; as explained more through the linked documents below. Each Township should provide critically necessary Assistance for each other
Sovereign Common-Law Christian/Israelite Township, through their Inter-Sovereign “Social-Compact Agreements”; so-as to provide an environmental ”Umbrella of Security”, with-in which each Township community can Appeal for Help, at any time, & when any situation arises where any individual Township community lacks its own sufficient recourses to provide for their own Security &/or other related needs. As the wording “Social-Compact” clearly indicates; each Township community has similar Duties to Respond with Help when Other Township Communities send out legitimate Calls for Needed Assistance. Regular Meetings are where all of these Township issues should be discussed & decided; & similarly in all of their larger common-law jurisdictions.

Keeping good records of the proceedings in each Township are important, but lack of records management skills should not inhibit “Good Faith” efforts at forming & running these Self-Governing “Township” communities. The main organizers of this effort should soon have “Forms” available on our web-pages to assist with all of this. So long as this general process is properly followed, in good-faith, this should be sufficient to deter all officers from all hostile jurisdictions to back-off, & to leave every Township’s members free to engage in their Constitutionally-Protected “Responsible Self-Governing” Duties. “Witnesses” can be brought forward at Later-Dates to testify, if Records of any past proceedings become of critical importance. Once your Township has established a formal
working-relationship with your larger “Precinct-level” jurisdiction, your Township community should then have sufficient clout to with-stand almost all hostile jurisdictional challenges.

We expect to have “Badges”, “I.D. Cards”, & perhaps even “Uniforms” for your Township’s Constables & Deputy-Constables soon. Please stay in contact through the web-pages liked below.
Composed by “Charles Bruce, Stewart”

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