Wayne County General Assembly of Private People


We are the original and true WAYNE COUNTY GENERAL ASSEMBLY, a Pure Common Law Trust Organization.  Our assembly was formed in February of 2011 to bring together the private men and women on the land, in peaceful assembly, for common law education. It puts in place a mechanism where the people may come together to discuss their issues in the community AND work on SOLUTIONS for implementation NOW!

It is meant to be a place where plans of action can be put into place and carried out by the people, all  through peaceful, non-violent actions using common law, through a De Jure Grand Jury process and courts of record.  The Wayne County General Assembly hopes to assists in the elimination of all violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms of peoples.


The Wayne County General Assembly accepts for value the ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION AND PERPETUAL UNION, THE CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES, the CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN OF 1963 and the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION ON HUMAN RIGHTS adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations by its resolution 217 A (III) of 10 December 1948.  See Fact Sheet No. 2, The International Bill of Human Rights (Rev.1),
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We are free men and women,  of peace, with united goals to break our chains of bondage and slavery  from the De facto corporate United States of America.  Towards that end, we have put in place a sovereign Pure Common Law Trust Organization consisting of Americans, Indigenous peoples, Nationals and  members who, as an organization operate within the sovereign jurisdiction of the trust and the original jurisdiction of the republic, whereas it does not conflict with the  intentions and purpose of said trust as expressed in the confidential  indentures and bylaws of said trust organization.