The above video is Judge Napolitano’s “What if..” speech from early 2012. Today…sadly, it is no longer “What if”.

There is no doubt…
that people, of ALL ethnicity and economic backgrounds, are becoming, or have already become, increasingly frustrated with their current condition and the state of the country. They are NOW wondering “how things got this way?”

We know that there are endless reports of fraud, deception, and theft around every corner. Racism is rife…violence is high and common sense had been displaced by political correctness which is now being eroded…leaving what?

On top of that, the very people we look to protect us, are instead trained to enforce corporate policies rather than protecting our unalienable rights. We are private, free men and women of peace, with united goals to break our chains of bondage and slavery from the De facto corporate United States of America.

Welcome to the Remedy! Let’s Make A Way to Live Better!

New to the concepts of Sovereignty, the principles of Common Law and the true nature of a Constitutional Republic?
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Already familiar with the concepts of Sovereignty, the principles of Common Law and the true nature of a Constitutional Republic?
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The Problems…

That we are ALL subjected to, include but are not limited to:

  • CORRUPTION at EVERY level of government and business in the name of a fictitious economy,
  • the MIS-EDUCATION of the people by those charged with educating for purposes of control,
  • POLICE BRUTALITY and misconduct and the continued militarization of police departments across the nation for THEIR protection, not ours,

Proposed solutions…

“Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave.”  
― Frederick Douglass

We, of the Wayne County General Assembly of Private People, believe that every man and woman that chooses to exist on this earth in Peace, Freedom, and Liberty, MUST take it upon themselves to become a part of the solution.  We believe that this can be accomplished by the research, study, comprehension, and application of three fundamental concepts.  

They are:

​All three have been conveniently kept from “the public” consciousness.  We believe that applicable knowledge is power and that these are the keys that will expose the lies with which our history has been based on and only then, can effective, positive change occur.

Foundation Education

For those with some knowledge of Common Law and a republican form of governance or self-governance, if you will, and are ready to help build our/your Common Law Township, click HERE to view the model that we’re using and if in agreement, contact us now via email or join us on a call. Check the calendar for dates/times & call-in information.

For those that are new to the concepts of Common Law and Sovereignty, this is a great place to start. You will find lots of good stuff in plain English that is not taught in law school. Warning: If you are an idealistic sort of person who tends to side with freedom for the people, then this site may be your government’s worst nightmare, especially after you read about jury duty (opens new tab off-site), what the legal difference is between being one of the people of the country and one of the citizens, and why the pledge of allegiance is to the Republic instead of a democracy.

“Each time a man stands up for an
idea, or acts to improve the lot of others, or
strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of
hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers
of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which
can sweep down the mightiest walls of
oppression and resistance.”
Robert F. Kennedy
June 6th, 1966
So lets

Before you begin you should have a general knowledge of how this concept works.

IF YOU ARE AN ATTORNEY, please understand that herein is a completely different perspective on the law. This is not business as usual. Your education was primarily geared to equity law. This site is primarily about common law, which is similar, but sufficiently different that to benefit from it you must be prepared to revamp your perspective.

READ EVERYTHING IN THIS WEB PAGE. As you progress, click on each underlined link and read the linked page. It is not important that you immediately understand everything you read. What is important is that you get “eyeball exposure” to all the information. The understanding/comprehension will come later because you will recall the information as you work with it and discuss it with others.

Once you have been thus exposed to the information, we will be much more effective in our conversation.

  “It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows” –Epictetus

“Wise men are instructed by reason;
Men of less understanding, by experience;
The most ignorant, by necessity;
The beasts by nature.”
Letters to Atticus[?], Marcus Tullius Cicero

Start here

People or citizen?  Which one are you?

People’s rights vs citizen’s rights – All rights are available to the People of the U.S.  But, only some privileges (not rights) are granted to U.S. citizens.

Language and Legalese – Which English language do you speak?

Republic vs. democracy — Do you know the difference? The Army knows!

Attitude -A positive attitude is absolutely necessary for winning.

Common Law — the concept.

Common Law motions and procedure-Bill Thornton

Introduction to Common Law – Lecture
(approx. 4 hours audio) 

Honor & Dishonor

Sovereignty — notes and case law. 

Sovereignty lecture (8 hours – opens in new window)

California Admission to Union — a Republic, not a democracy.

Court — the substantive definition.

Court of Record — 4 1/2 substantive requirements to qualify.

     Also, see Nisi Prius Court — a court of no record, by prior agreement.

      Superior Court vs Inferior Court and Tax Court.

Court etiquette — some unwritten rules.

Habeas Corpus — What it really is.

Confirmatio Cartarum, Requires officials to accept Magna Carta as common law.

Magna Carta — Foundation of liberty.

Interpretation of Magna Carta and Confirmatio Cartarum.

I Only Offer the Truth